Monroe Badger Days
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MONROE BADGER DAYS is an annual fundraiser for the University of Wisconsin Athletics and will be held on June 22nd and 23rd, 2020.



Come Join Us!

There will be a variety of sporting events both days, including golf, tennis, swimming, and basketball.

More important than all the fun, your attendance will help provide support and financing for the U.W. Athletic Department, as well as an opportunity for many college athletes to participate in their sport while earning an education.

Everyone's Welcome! 



 We look forward to seeing you!      THE COLONY BRANDS TEAM 




How it all began!

 Ray Kubly was a track star while he attended UW-Madison in the early 1920s. Family and friends report that his energy and drive never waned in the years that followed. He was constantly “on the go” and was well known as a move and a shaker in Green County. He started his mail order cheese company – The Swiss Colony – in 1926, when he was only 25 years old.

 He was a devoted Badger fan, a visionary businessman, and a plotter/planner. So, it came as no surprise to the locals when he started a fundraising event in 1953 to benefit the University of Wisconsin Athletic Department.

 The first Badger Booster Day was a social gathering of about 20 people. As the years passed, golf and dinner were added to the agenda. Locals were soon joined by UW supporters from out-side the area, and eventually business associates and vendors of the growing Swiss Colony business.

 When Ray passed away in 1968, the event continued under the leadership of his son, Pat Kubly. As the years went by, all the participants couldn’t be accommodated in one day and the event evolved into the two-day Badger Days we have today.